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Here we go!

Well, the other day Apple announced their new MacBook lineup for 2012, and I must say it was a little bland, no radical new design for the unibody MBPs for over 5 years now. But they did introduce their thinner Macbook Pros with a super high resolution screen at 2880 x 1800 pixels large. The new Ivy Bridge processors should also aid power consumption and give the notebooks a 20-30% performance increase. I’m pretty amazed at how they fit that much into such a small (0.71 inches thin) and light (just over 2KG) notebook for it’s power. But what’s my real opinion then? Well for starters I think it was a bad move to solder the RAM and Flash memory to the motherboard, leaving us consumers fucked if we want to ever upgrade such components, seeing as apple’s RAM and Drive prices are extortionate already, I would have personally liked to see apple leave these components the way they should be. Alas, the notebook is extremely thin so I do wonder if it would even be possible, what with the larger battery pack to power that gorgeous display.

So, despite its two downsides, I’m going to be getting one. Why? I’ve promised my little sister my current laptop. What specifications will I be getting and how will I justify these specifications?

  • 2.6 Ghz i7 Well, i’m off to a bad start, because I cannot justify a 2.6Ghz processor over a 2.3. However, I /have/ to go with this to allow for more flash memory.
  • You guessed it, more flash memory, 512GB, why over 256? Because I do not own a Thunderbolt OR USB Hard drive, and never plan on doing so, I use network attached storage for backups and music/video streaming, that’s all really, so I’ll want enough storage space for all my documents and projects without having to plugin in a shitty external storage device. My NAS will do just fine for other media.
  • 16GB RAM. Why? Because I have 16GB on my desktop, and no, I haven’t used it all yet, but I’m getting ever closer with the more work I do. I also sit on IRC a lot and have huge scroll backs on my terminal windows. I also plan on running at least one BSD virtual machine whilst on the move.
  • Why go for the latest generation? Because of it’s weight, the reason I don’t have a macbook pro now is because they are bulky and heavy, I travel every day and have had a 15″ notebook before, not good on the back.

So my nearest Apple shop has em in stock today, I aim to pick one up on Friday, based on real world performance I see in the store.

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