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Growing up, I was surrounded by technology, both my parents being computer programmers. This drove me to want to learn about computers from a very young age, I have since not stopped expanding my knowledge in every possible field of technology. In 5 years time I aim to be a fully qualified network technician, have exceptional skills in network design, customer support and be able to work in a mission critical environment where service uptime is key and I function as a key member of a large team. I hope to gain real-world experience with a reputable business in my placement year at university which will increase my skill set and teach me even more invaluable knowledge about large networked systems.

Studying BSC IT w/ Sandwich Year at Birmingham City University (Focusing on Computer Networking)

Dev Skills:

  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • Learning Java

Server Administration Skills:

  • Apache/Nginx/Lighttpd/MySQL
  • Firewall/IPv6/Routing
  • IRCd/Unreal/InspIRCd
  • Postfix/Dovecot Mail Services
  • Bind9 DNS Services
  • Service Automation/Shell/Bash Scripting
  • Voice Over IP Telephony
  • Resource management
  • Network Policy Services, Active Directory, Certificate Authority, SASL, Security
  • Virtualisation, VMware ESX/i, Citrx Xen, Virtuozzo
  • Networking: Frame Relay, RIP, EIRGP, OSPF, Routing, Circuit Switching, VLANs, VPNs, NAT, PAT

Operating Systems Of Choice:

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • OSX
  • Windows
Email: me@mmaton.com – GPG

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  1. Wesley Su says:

    Hello Mmaton :D
    I am PepperSheIIs17!

  2. Chuck Norris says:

    I approve you Max Maton!

    //Chuck Norris

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